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What is ADGE?

ADGE is short for AutoCAD Developers Group Europe (and beyond). ADGE is a non-profit association of software developers who are working on applications around AutoCAD. Naturally, everybody who is interested in AutoCAD is most welcome to join us.

ADGE is independent of Autodesk or any of the member companies. The main interest of ADGE is to aid the application developer by providing information, contacts and tools. As an association ADGE is based on the cooperation of the member companies and individuals. ADGE is often called the Union of AutoCAD application developers as it forms a counterweight to the technical and marketing power of companies like Autodesk or Microsoft the independent developers have to deal with.

ADGE usually identifies and discusses problems and new developments much earlies than the big companies. Typical examples are the ADGE Application Compatibility Guidelines (AACG), first published in 1991, and the introduction and global management of application identifiers (so-called REGAPPs).

Though founded in Europe in 1990 by a number of Swiss and German developers, ADGE has grown beyond the continent fast. Today our members come from 29 different countries, including Russia, Canada, South Africa, and India. The membership base consists of more than 200 companies and individuals.

The official language used in ADGE is English, although this is not the native language for most members. All publications are in English as are all conference speeches. Some documents are also published in German and/or French.

Like any association, ADGE only lives from its members. ADGE by itself does not generate information or tools, it's the members who do. ADGE is the catalyst who provides contacts, various forms of formal information exchange, and a common voice.

ADGE is an association under swiss law and as such follows the typical rules for associations like yearly general assemblies, election of board members, public accounting and such. If you wish, click here to download the association's by-laws: Articles of Association (MS-Word format, 15.360 bytes).

What are the aims of ADGE?

  • We want to improve the contact and regular exchange of experiences among the developers.

  • We establish guidelines for the improvement of compatibility among the applications.

  • We offer a forum for communication with Autodesk - outside of your normal business life.

  • What does ADGE not do?

  • ADGE does not sell any software to people interested in AutoCAD.

  • ADGE cannot make any statements on future versions of AutoCAD.


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